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January 14, 2015


I was mostly a stay at home mom for many years - but I always kept busy with volunteering, projects, part time work etc etc -- and never felt like I had time to do what stay at home moms were supposed to do, I was too busy 'working' at other things! I went back to a paying job a little more than a year ago- and I love it! My schedule is such that I don't miss too much of the kids lives, I have a few hours a week to tend to the house etc etc
I just recently had 2 weeks off...the first few days I said 'I could totally fall back into this stay at home mom gig' the end of the first week I was missing work! I'm actually more productive when I work half the day first! go figure! and I don't feel guilty anymore if there's housework that's not done or I choose to scrapbook instead - I let it go :) lol

Kim M (ZoomZoomZoom)

Oh Leica I hear you. I'm more of the "creative" mom type and have always had to work. I so wanted to have all the time I wanted to scrapbook and do creative stuff, and it's hard to balance it with other commitments. I had to cut way back on my hobbies in recent years because my family life was suffering...and with also working full time, I had to make some choices. It's exhausting when we try to be everything and it's OK to vent! Thanks for the dose of reality...I always wonder how others keep it all together.

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