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December 16, 2013


Cary Brunett

Great post Leica! It was so full of love and fun that I didn't even notice typos :) 37 is a great year - I'm sure you're in for even more awesomeness. And, since I've got a few on you, I can assure you that it just keeps on getting better! Just wait till you get past 40 - it rocks! But, I really hope you're wrong about the hospital visits ;)


you truly are beautiful both inside and out. and the love and closeness of those you chose to spend your time with is proof positive. you go girl !!!

Monique O.

Thank you for being authentic Leica! This was a beautiful post--similar to a scrapbook I've dreamt of doing about myself for years. I live in a home full of people, and yet I don't think they even REALLY know me. A scrapbook about my dreams, desires, fulfilling moments, and heartfelt sentiments would likely be something that would open my own eyes wider--to notice and appreciate what I have, not what I lack. You've inspired me to get at it!

Stacy Greening

Great post!! Love all the happy pictures!


Loved it, Leica. Happy Birthday (again), Birthday Girl :)


You make me happy!!!!

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