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May 26, 2011



Your layouts are beautiful and I even recognize one of the layouts from a class that I took from you! Woo! But you do so much stuff and I wonder....where do all these layouts go? I'd love to see a picture of all your albums lined up in a row. Maybe that would help me move on with my scrapbooking. I've been in minimalist mode for awhile and refuse to do any papercraft/homedecorating projects because I never know what to do with them afterwards. And now that feeling is starting to overflow into my scrapbooking. Horrible! I want to scrapbook, but I think that I'll never have a space to store my scrapbooks! Ooh, this is starting to sound like a 'dear leica' column. Enough already!!

Linda Shewchuk...

These are awesome!!! I totally understand your `scatter, seek, and attack`strategy... Think I was just purging last weekend and that then turned into 5 bags of donate clothes to hey, lets fill a semi!! lol

I at least know I am not alone! Good luck and Thank you so much for sharing!

Chris Dumont

I had to laugh reading this... that is so like me.. start one thing, try to fit something else in. "Reward myself" by saying 'for every load of laundry I will scrap one layout'. And so forth. At the end of the day I say "look at how much I got done" and my husband laughs and says "yeah, but did you finish anything?"
That's not the point, is it?

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