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February 11, 2011



For me, it's the commentary!
Those little tips and tricks that are NEVER in an instruction sheet!
Off the cuff stuff. Many times it just jolts my creative side! Fuels me; motivates me!
Recharges the battery so-to-speak!


PS. Thanks for the links to all of these great ladies' blogs! I've added a few new ones to my list of must watch!

Janet Weser

I think that is a great idea to feature local talent!!! I know we are not short in that department.

I'm happy when the teacher makes the class exciting with new techniques, or how to used new product, fun and relaxing. To walk out with a finished project is great with a some leftovers.

Tammy Tutterow

You are just the sweetest! I am so flattered and touched that you included me in that list and said that about me! Thank you! You totally made my day!

Birgit Koopsen

Hehe, my favorite part of the class is teaching it! :D Girl you are so good blogging about CHA! I started a thank-you-to-everyone-I-met list for my blog but thought it took to much time... Anyway, I don't have any pictures of the Canadian night :( Luckily we will always have our memories! Miss you too! You make me giggle :)Hope we meet again!


holy crap....i can't believe i made a "top list" on your blog. you are unbelieveable, Leica!!! Totally wish we lived closer to each's not fair that we only get to see each other once a year.
thanks for all the kindness and sweetness and for grouping me together with such uber talented people!!!!
xox always,

Maureen Johnson

I love to learn and I love to create. That makes me happy!


I love being part of a group that loves the same hobby as much as I do. I also love the energy and excitement of the instructors as they put their heart and soul into the projects. I love playing with the new collections and taking something home with me that will inspire me to create for many months. I love all of it!

Chris Dumont

I love the visiting, the learning new things, and at the end of it all, something to take home and proudly display "I made this"!


I'm happiest if I had fun. I may have learned something or got to play with a new line, but I really am happiest if the instructor is fun, the attendees are encouraged to relax and smile and of course, if I'm elbow deep in scrappy stuff...


Learning new techniques and experimenting with new products! I love trying new things and by taking a class I get introduced to new products that I may not have tried on my own for lack of knowledge or intimidation and using new techniques is just so exciting! Also it gets me back on a roll, sometimes I fall out of scrapbooking and taking a class gets my scrapbooking mojo back!!


My favorite part of a class is meeting new people or seeing friends & getting to catch up a bit. I also just love being able to 'play' with stuff & learn new techniques!

Allison M.

For me it is leaving with a finished project ready for photos, but also the fact that I get to go out and spend time with fabulous people and just be me for a few hours. No Mommy demands, etc. I come back home refreshed and inspired.


Favourite part of the class? Hmmmm, ALL of it. The anticipation the laying out of tools and goodies, meeting the instructor, hearing her story, learning a new technique (or two) and, finally, admiring the final creation.

Melissa B

That Cosmo Cricket is awesome, as usual! They have been pumping out some of my favorite lines lately!

I love coming out of classes with so many ideas and ispiration.


I love learniing new ideas and techniques that I can use on other projects and LO's. I don't have to have a completed project to make me happy!

Tracey B

My favourite part of a class, other than the finished product, is being able to laugh and chat (quietly, of course) with your best friends around you.


Favourite part of a class ... i guess learning a new technique.

Tanya Wilson

I'm uber happy when I take home a few techniques!! I also love having a finished project, but I have to confess I never 100% finish them!


I am a fast scrapbooker so I always like finished layouts but for me the highlights of classes is picking up techniques and new ideas. I always get inspired and go home with new ideas and ready to get inspired to scrapbook again and again!



Hands down, my favourite part of a class is the finished project! But, I also LOVE learning new techniques in classes, so that's a close second. And, I have you tell you, Leica - YOU gave me a "Stacey Julian" moment at the first Sask. Scraps I attended! You sat down next to me and chatted away with me about your life stories and I was instantly enamored with you. And, I was stunned that you, being this icon of scrapbooking, would take the time to get to know little me. You are the first designer to take me outside my little box and get me thinking bigger about my scrapbooking - so THANK YOU!

Dena Kasner

Hi! I love teh feeling of accomplishing such a great project so FAST! And meetng new people....thanks for sharing again,Dena

Crystal Slusar

I think the best part of a class is learning something new...stepping out of my scrapbooking box. I also love that I usually walk out with 2-3 layouts finished, awesome!!

Sheryl Schmidt

When I take a class I'm always happiest when
a) I've completed the project in class
b)I've learned a new technique, it doesn't have to be fancy just a new way to do something or a little hint on how to make my pages pop
c)I have a little bit of product left to take home
If all 3 happen I am ecstatic if any one of the three happen I am happy. :) My favorite classes to take are altered classes...this is what makes my Heart happy. :)


My favorite part of a class is learning something new that I can take away and use again.

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