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November 25, 2010



So glad you and "the girls" are back and up and at em!!!! ;o)
Seriously, and thanks for the laughs too.
Always great to have an out loud laugh like that!
Take care Leica!

Linda Shewchuk

awe, i would have stuck around longer for a girl lift!!!

I definately dont' need the extra padding and the liftness where my double chin finds a place to rest!

I am so thankful to have been around all this laughter and you ladies definately lifted my spirits and welcomed me so openly - Hugs and here's to all the A, B, C, DD, E, F... out there, big or small - rock them all!!!

oh ya, I have a nice red bra (perhaps you have seen it!! & my leopard print one - rawr!)

Thanks for being you and I can't wait to finally have Cathie with us!


Leica - you've had many good reasons to be absent from blogging this past month and certainly don't owe anyone an apology! But, it's sure great to have you back! I love your take on life - your crazy antics, brilliant creativity and ability to find fun everywhere. You've got me thinking about bra shopping ...

Shannon T

It was great to hang with you during SK Scraps. It was an awesome event and I scrapped 3 pages while trying to stay warm. I really appreciate you putting Christy and I up at your brother's house even if I just sneaked out of a late night visitor. Take care of yourself. Rest up as Christmas is a month away!

p.s. isn't it amazing how far down the alphabet the girls can be when you are fitted correctly!!!


Glad to hear that you are on the mend Leica! And I'm sure that you are forgive by all! Take care and hope to see you soon! And if we don't see you on the 4th, then Happy Holidays to you and your family! Stay warm and safe!

Much love!

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