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October 13, 2010



My cousins and I had similar thoughts about missing our grand parents during the holidays as well this past weekend. No one cooks the same, the atmosphere is different, you name it, it IS different and we all miss those times. But,,,, our kids are building their own memories of us, their grandparents with them, and are cherishing these new traditions which are just normal to them now. Memories are a precious gift we have of those special times past, loved ones passed, and an excellent reason to SCRAPBOOK them! ;o) Scrapbook these new memories for our kids so they have all their favourites to look at, and show their kids one day! Great reflections Leica!

Tanya Wilson

Leica, kudos to you on this fantastic blog entry. The kids and I made a list of everything we are thankful for and true friendship was on it as well. I have found that being a SAHM has had it's ups and downs of finding friendships that will stand up to the test. Watching the boys make "their own" friendships is an amazing feeling. I agree with you, if only we could make our friendship lists like they do, maybe life would be just a little less stressful at times.

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