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September 02, 2010


Maureen Williams

OMG Lisa!!! Tell me that's NOT Antonio Banderas!!


LOL! You got a lot of great pictures! What a fun time :)
Thanks for the blog hop again!! ;)

Kim Gowdy

How cool was that day?...our own Canadian Supa-Staaaaar...hanging with all those TV Staaaaars!


What an amazing opportunity! You got some fabulous photos!


That is just so amazing..what a great opportunity for her! I wish I could say I know some of those celebs, but I can honestly say I don't watch daytime TV...more of a night girl! Were the celebs in awe of her stuff..did Oprah invite her on her show...I want to know everything!

Carrie Hamm

WOW WOW - what fun - i figured out one - the guy form criminal minds!!!

Carol Johansson-Protz

What an amazing opportunity and how fantastic are these photos???? So amazing!
Wishing Kara so much success with her designs and the celebs!
Have to say I really like the one of "Hercules".
He's very cute!
Best regards!


Great bags!


So excited for Kara and you for getting to go with her! I have been waiting to see how it went for her. Sandwich bags must have been a hit... Looks like a blast! Thanks for the update

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