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September 01, 2010


Kim Gowdy

I was sure I posted here!!!??? where did it go??


Favorite summer craft is a paper bag album of their summer activities.

Birute P

My kids have all grown up now, but in looking back at all those summers, I'd have to say that a favourite summer craft of theirs almost always involved water and sand...the things they created were amazing!!

Rhonda Steed

DEFINITELY side walk chalk!!! Although I do love letting the kids paint outside cause then you just wash away the mess!

Stacey Rumsby

Favorite summer kid's craft: OK, maybe not a craft but an art-form....sand castles! Kids can let their imagination run wild!

Jamie Harder

Fave summer craft? Definitely drawing art creations with chalk on the sidewalk. Bought the 3D chalk this fun!


Chalk drawing on the sidewalk

Kim Nolan

This is my third attempt at this ... hope I get it right (newbie). My kids love card classes ... a lil summin for the parents :0)

Christine Campbell

Painting and play dough - can't go wrong with those two ever!!


at the moment it's play dough for Lillie:-)


Stamping and coloring. I bought the kids markers so they color with me( of course I use my copics)


Probably beading or painting. We love crafts in our house.


Anything that involves water...beach, kiddie pool, splah pad, sprinklers...FUN


oh that would have to be anything to do with paints!!!!

Dawn Hueser

its been a lot of years since they were little but I was the best mom when I would whip up a 5 gallon pail of jello and let them and their friends have a jello fight. Warning Dads/Hubbies are not likely to have the same opinion of the jello fight as it will leave a short term stain on siding etc. It comes off in a few days.


Since Gracie is a little young for crafts, I'd say her favourite is drool painting :) She can 'paint' our entire couch in seconds!

annelies batty

this summer's favourite summer craft (if it's considered a craft) for the visiting grandkids was bubbles. had all kinds of different bubble blowers and they enjoyed the variety.

Jackie Smith

My son and I like to play with Premo Clay.

Tanya G

My little dudes favorite summer craft was a "pizza box solar oven". Found it in a kids camp book.


bubble blowing that turns into bubble paint art!


we do pinatas!!! We head outside (cause it can get quite messy!) They dry real quick in the sun too!!!


We do pinatas!!! It can get pretty messy, so we head outside and it dries super quick in the sun!!


Great photo tips! My kids LOVE to color on our oversized driveway. I love when it is full of color!


When my daughter was younger we use to make pretty little daisy bracelets while sat out in the sunshine and ran our toes through the cool grass.

Lori M

My kids aren't so little anymore and my daughter has started scrapbooking with me, so that is definitely a favorite. This summer both my son and daughter made beaded bracelets for friends and family - I love to see them create, especially since I love to!

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