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February 10, 2010



What's up for crazy?!


I'm all over crazy...cause that is what I'll be next week with all 4 of mine home. Let me know what's up your sleeve. :) :)

Linda Shewchuk

sounds like my life - minus the fun goodies in the suitcase...
I am planning a big tobogganing party here on Monday and then I plan on taking my girls to Assessipi to do some Skiing Wed & Thurs.

hope to get my tractor going so i can make a big snow hill for them. they can take their dog sled down it!!! (check out my post - you would laugh - totally fun!)

i will definately be taking them skidooing too... I would love to meet up with you guys - depending on when, where and what you are doing! i can envy from afar as well :) hugs beautiful lady and ttyl!

Melissa B

I might be up for a playdate!


Always looking for things to do with the chiklets and I do have 3 days off next week so let me know what you're scheming....

Karen of the KAGS

so you'll be coming to see New Moon with us on Saturday night then? Aspergertopia is organizing it (of course!)

Kate Kading

I am in for crazy! I'm a little worried...but I am in for crazy.

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