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September 21, 2009


Kim Gowdy

6 x 12 is really neat! do you have special page protectors for them when you combine them with a 12 x 12?? Love all the papers & embells you shared WOW! You are one busy girl!


I think I may have to try the 6X12. I quite like it. My scrappin' surface seems to be shrinking. Bring on the multi - layers.

I love the first one with your little girl. The dress and the paper are a perfect match. How did that happen????

Sarah MacKenzie

Great 6X12's! I just started doing some that size too - they are a fun change from 12x12! Now I am just on the hunt for 6X12 page protectors which I am determined to find on our Alberta road trip this week. If I can swing it, I might drop by the show this weekend in Calgary as we will be there visiting my BIL for a few nights.


Well done on the guest designer spot - I love the 6x12 projects! I love the Kaiser pearls and rhinestones, especially in the colours you don't normally see. They add the perfect finishing touch.

Tracey B

I bought the page protectors a few months ago, fully intending to try a few 6 x 12 pages. I think this may just give my the kick in the butt to start.

All the layouts were beautiful.


Great to see the 6X12 lo's because i have the page protectors, just haven't filled them yet....great inspiration!

Angela Grimard

great pages,always love seeing your work.

Kimberly Collis

Congratulations Leica! That is amazing. Kaiser is a great company. I have always loved their papers, but their bling is my favorite of all time..... I love that the price is great, and the quality is too. There are a lot of other manufacturers who could learn that lesson.

Jane D.

Love your pages. The 6 x 12 format is really interesting. Haven't seen many before.


Love the one with the blue tongue!

Jennifer Hottinger-Sloan

Way to go L, you know me I am already on the 6 x 12 bandwagon and love it. Off to the site to check out all the stuff


I love the 6x12 pages!!!! I can't wait to check out all of their products!!


You have mentioned the 6x12 format before, I haven't decided if I will try it or not. I love all the Kaisercraft stuff and you were the one that orginally showed it to me!!

Tanya Wilson

Love the idea of the 6x12!! Thanks for teaching in Moose Jaw yesterday, everyone LOVED you!!

Karen of the KAGS

Leica - I am loving everything you're doing right now - Vicki had better watch out - she might get toppled from the top!
I have to packs of 6x12 page protectors gathering dust - guess what you have inspired me to do!
(I have to also tell you that I had little trouble getting those 6x12 protectors I was told at one store that they were not popular and maybe it was because they were so last year...)!!!

edited by Leica- LOVE that comment! Made me laugh so HARD! I don't tend to scrapbook according to popularity, I scrap towards what I like, and this size is just so much fun and fits in my 12x12 albums PERFECT! But then again, if someone wants to discuss SO LAST YEAR, I betcha a huge list could be made! LOL

Allison M.

Love the layouts! I have been wanting to try this size for a while - just seem to be lacking in me time these days.

Kate are a MACHINE! xox I have been toying with the 6x12 idea but haven't jumped in yet. I am SO there!

gisele julien

Leica your work is amazing, you are rocking girl!!!:-))


What an honour, I'm a huge fan of KaiserCraft and wish I could find more of it!

As always, love your layouts.


Way to go, once again, Leica!

I LOVE the 6" X 12" format. I did a couple of albums in that size once upon a time and then haven't seen the books again since. I have, however, seen the page protectors on occasion so I hope that's a sign they're coming back.

My favourite Kaiser product. Well, it would have to be the little blingy gems you buy in the spiral circle as they are the first product of Kaiser's I ever purchased.

Good luck

Jacqueline N

Love your layouts! What a treat to be guest designer for Kaiser...lucky you.


I love all your work - I have always liked kaiser craft. I really like their pennyroyale line - can't wait for the new stuff to come out! I am thinking I would like the 6x12 pages-how easy and fast? Where do I find them in Saskatoon?

edited by Leica- not sure who carries 6x12 page protectors in town, will look into it.

corinne braun

Love your layouts - and i've done a few 6x12's too. they are loads of fun and whole lot faster to complete!

love Kaiser bling - rawkin' stuff!

Way to go Leica! Congrats!


Your pages are beautiful. I'm not sure if I'd like 6 x 12 pages or not. I think I could see myself liking them better horizontally than vertically. Vertical would definitely be a challenge for me!


I really like some of the Kaiser lines, but my favorites are their embellishments. I specifically like their bling & pearls. I find that their products seem quite economical. Congrats on being the guest designer Leica! :)

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