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September 23, 2009



You rock it always! My scrap idol!


allways good to see a new line. One must think it's been here once before, but i get surprises every time again and again

Allison M.

Can't wait to get my hands on some of this product - beautiful work Leica!


Love the bright colors!!! I am not sure where on the Kaiser blog I need to leave a comment?


Kids at the Park is usually not what I think of when I hear Pina Colada but this is fabulous!

I can't believe how well their swim suits match and the bold colour really shows off their excitement.

Excellent - love it!

Chris Dumont

Oh, I love the train book... and still love the Pina Coloda line...
I know what you mean about the pink and brown, mind you I love brown with any color.
Hey, see you in Calgary this weekend!!!

Karen of the KAGS

I'm just thinking - oh those flamingos aren't so scary after all - and I LOVE the colours of the Pina Colada line!

Angela Grimard

I realy like that duchess


Seriously, where do you find the time, let alone the ideas? No sleep at the Forrest house. Oh, to be young again like you... Great work!


Love, love , love both the layouts and the paper, it is gorgeous!

Tanya Wilson

WOw...I didn't realize how beautiful the Duchess line is! Maybe I now have a new favorite?

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