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June 22, 2009


Peggy Steffen

Sorry to hear about Ireland. Hope that she gets better soon...

Sarah MacKenzie

Hope Ireland is feeling better and that it doesn't spread. There is definitely nothing scarier that sick kids especially when they are sick enough that they need to go to the hospital. Thinking of you!


So sorry to hear your little one is sick!
Hopefully that is all past you and her birthday is a lot of fun!

Melissa B

oh gosh Leica! I hope your little girly is feeling better soon! What a major bummer!! HUGS to you and her!

Gwen Hesson

Oh, my...I hope your little one is feeling better today and your vehicles are smelling better. We went through a similar situation with our Bekah when she was about 12 months old. It is so hard to watch our babies have illness. I truly hope that you are well rested and you were able to enjoy your special day with family.

Kate sound like you need a sleep and Starbucks!!! Let's chat later in the week. Take care!

Jennifer Fast

No worries Leica! This is the last thing you need to worry about! Take care of yourself and your babies and then worry about this!
If you need anything let me know!


Sorry to hear about little Ireland, I hope she is doing much better today. Happy 1st Birthday!


Oh, poor baby, hope she gets better quick. You must be exhausted too. Take care.


It was hot on Saturday wasn't it. We hung out in the pool until really late.
Leica, just take the time. Ireland and your family need you - which means you also have to take care of YOU.



***super huge hugs** hope she is feeling good soon.

Trace Geworsky

Okay..I'll admit..I had been totally stalking your blog on Monday, but I will gladly wait a few more days to hear who won.
I sure hope Ireland starts feeling better soon...what a way to celebrate a first birthday! Poor girl!!!!
Take care out there


Poor little Gal! lots of times when we were in the ER with Danica(had bad croup every April-enough to prep her every time for a treach sp? thats how we found out she was allergic to Eppi- go figure?) Yuck... nothing I hate more then being stuck in the hospital... and the little guys with their iv's..its not easy to cuddle them in the beds.. HOPE you guys all get a well deserved sleep tonight =)


I hope things get better for you soon and that Ireland makes a quick and complete recovery.

We all will wait to find out the winner as most of us know sometimes life just throws us a curveball to keep us on our toes.

Stephanie B

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