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June 18, 2009


Marah Cavenish

I like all of the suggestions. but maybe go with a mari gras sounds sooo much fun

Melissa B about a digi demo?? I know someone! ;) lol

Dawn Hueser

What a about a Christmas in November party. With the presents being the books that are put together for the kids. We could all help with card making and wrapping.......

If not a Xmas theme then actually doing something to help doing a card make'n donate to go with the albums for the kids. Or maybe it is a tag to attach to the book.

Sarah MacKenzie

I think the tropical theme is always great, but I really like the idea someone suggested of a winter wonderland theme too.


hmm I was sure I entered an idea and it was on here...
well anyways I had said a GLITZ and glamor theme to match the glimmer mist give away and all your prizes are always over the top! like being at a glamorous Hollywood awards!


How about a western theme! How easy to decorate and how comfortable to dress and scrap in. What about p.j.s/sleepytime. What about a book character theme. what about Candyland theme. What about game theme. Like Monopoly or each table doing their own game.


80's theme including bad hair, bad clothing and some awesome 80's music

Cheryl P

I say CHOCOLATE! Do a chocolate fountain, M&M's and candy baggies, ect. FUN FUN!

Angela Grimard

Anything fun like summer fun to keep us going through the winter.


I love the birthday party idea! What could be better than a huge girl's birthday party?!!


Some theme ideas:

bad prom/bridesmaid dresses
martini / margarita party(non-alcholic of course)
chocolate buffet party


Kyla Horner

I like the Hawaiian theme or anything tropical to help take away the winter blues.


No matter what direction you take I know it will be a blast!!!
I'm totally in agreement with all above ideas.
I was thinking maybe a spa theme.


Well, since the last crops were tropically themed and this one is in November, it should probably be a winter or Christmas theme, snowflake frolic, or Santa's workshop or color themed maybe, red and green, blue and silver, gold and green, I maybe can think of some more later. I will give it some thought!!

Reel Girl

I LOVE get-togethers with THEMES!

Some of my favorite themes, Casino, Golden Age of Hollywood (complete with red carpet!) or Pirates!


There is always the classic, but yet somewhat simple "ugly sweater" theme....:P


MARIGRAS!! Need I say more?? This could be so much fun...the colors...the beads!! Everytime someone submitted a l/o to you, you could give out beads. Collect beads and win??? FOr everything that one participates in, you could recieve a bead for. Hmm...I already know what my costume would be!!

Sandy C

How about a birthday party theme. I am sure there will be lots of Moms at the crop and seldom do we get to have a real party planned for our birthdays right? Birthday cakes for dessert, presents aka gift bags, birthday games for prizes. Oh, and a pinata with scrapbooking supplies inside!!!

corinne braun

themes are great fun! how about 50's, happy days, greaser days, flashback in time, elvis, vegas (with roulette wheel and games), clue - you could come as a character and have a mystery type theme. favourite board game. favourite flavour of ice cream....

just some ideas - whatever you decide - i know it'll be fun!

Tracey B

How about a colour theme. Pick your favourites and see what happens.

There is always the Saskatoon Pirate theme. I think we could round up some stuff for that. (Maybe even free stuff)

What about cupcakes. I think you know someone who could help with that.

Trace Geworsky

some fun theme ideas:
Hawaiian luau
pajama party
80's night

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