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June 19, 2009


MArah Cavenish

I would want to win a cruise, ONLY if you were going to be teaching on it. you seem like so much fun, and so do all your friends.


Hopefully i am not too late! My answer: A CAMERA OF COURSE!! Although i could also add that a riduculous package including tons of pattern paper of all brands, super crazy lot of embellishments, adhesive, glimmer mist, paints, glitter, etc, in one MASSIVE package!! Whoot!

Yvette Charchuk

Let's see, what would a fellow scrapbooker want -
Rebel camera or big shot machine with numerous dies. These would be absolutely MARVELOUS.


Melissa B

I like everyone's cruise ticket idea! That would be BEYOND SWEET! Not sure if you can swing it though. LOL

Before I read those answers, I was going to say a copy of Photoshop CS4 - but thats the digi scrapper in me talking. :)


BIG format printer would ROCK !

Dawn Hueser

I think that I would love a 3 minute shopping spree, in a scrapbooking warehouse, or more likely a LSS.

Or what about several scrapweekends for two. I would love to go back to The Bloomin Inn, The one you just went to in is escaping me.

Or a trip for one to crop'n cruise event or GC to apply towards a trip.


I think the camera is a great prize. Also, a really good printer is another good idea.


I would love to have a good camera, so my first vote would be for that. I also like the idea of a diecutting system, or a tote full of supplies. All of the ideas sound great!

Sarah MacKenzie

The camera is still a great idea imho. Like others said, a Cricut and cartridges or Big Shot and a ton of dies or a Slice. Or a scanner that scans 12x12. I hate having to stitch halves together and prefer the look of the scans over photos.


love the large format printer idea!


All of the above sound great! The printer, the cricuit, the camera. Baskets, etc. Wonderful!

Angela Grimard

Any type of prize would be great.But, a camera package, photoshoot package, crop andcruise ticket, scrapbook weekend get away, scrapbook storage system with bag and goodies.Like i said anything would be great.

Kyla Horner

I think the ultimate prize would be photoshop plus a printer that is capable of printing 12X12 paper.

Reel Girl

How 'bout an ultimate scrapper's tool kit including things like a Bind-It-All, etc
or a nice large format printer!


The digital camera was an awesome prize. I'm sure everyone would agree that is one idea that could be repeated.


Hi Leica...there is no doubt in my mind that a placement in the Crop Tropical would be the ultimate main prize giveaway. Other awesome things would be a digital scrapbooking setup ie a laptop, with digi software, photo printer/scanner, and a camera.

Have an awesome weekend!

Sandy C

Okay, last answer. Guess it better be a good one eh? How much is a crop n cruise ticket worth? Wow, wouldn't that be a cool prize. Or, a free weekend scrapbooking event getaway package with accomodation?

Trace Geworsky

Crossing my fingers that my lucky number shows up on Monday:)
Although I will send you an email next week about more details about the looks like I have lined up a friend or 2 to go, so we plan on registering asap.
Ultimate prize for me...hmmmmm One of those new machines that Michaels has started selling..I cant remember the name but it puts designs on shirts, etc...I cant believe I drew a blank with the name of it.
Or a kick butt photo printer


I really don't think anyone would turn up their noses at another camera!!! But to have it be something completely different what about a Cricut with some cartidges, a Slice with some cards, a huge basket of scrapping supplies, a silhouette, a printer that could print 12"layouts,stampin up bigshot with some dies for it. That's about all I can think of for ultimate big prizes. Oh and even a laptop computer can be bought for under $1000 these days and that would be a super duper prize to win!!

Maureen Johnson

Digital Camera Kit sounds wonderful.

Aaron Jardine

The digital Rebel Cmaera would rock! Hmmm other BIG giveaways like that? A large format printer? Just a thought...lenses...


I would be in heaven if I won something like a gift certificate for one of the local scrapbook stores($1000.00-- or whatever the camera was worth last time.)
Or a huge package with of all the latest scrapbooking materials.

Stephanie B


a die cut machine of some sort with tons of accessories that go with it

Cheryl P

The ultimate prize would be another retreat weekend away!

Jennifer Fast

The camera was awesome!

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