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June 15, 2009



Oh!!! I had so much fun, flying out for the last one, that I could be tempted again... and how cool would it be to hook up with Vic again!?!? Hmmm.... definitely going to have to look into it!!

Maybe this time, I'll actually get a layout done...? :D

Isabel Wood

okay this is so cool! I've decided, I'm going to retire from my job and just start traveling across the country to hit all these amazing Crop/workshops/retreats .... I want to go to it all!!! have fun, wish I could join you.


Oksy Leica,
I know you won't believe this, but just this morning - this very morning - as I skimmed through my new copy of Scrapbooks, Etc., I thought to myself, "Self, wouldn't it be great if someone brought Vicki Boutin to Saskatoon to do a workshop?" and Self agreed that this was a FINE idea. Leave it to you, Ms. Leica, to make that dream come true - and in less than 12 hours, to boot! Not only does V.B. do great work with her amazing talents and great eye for cool products, she has a fun blog, is an enthusiastic and positive person (as demonstrated at this year's Camp Croppin') and, I believe, also belongs to - as do you and I - the "Riley's Mom" Club. Although her Riley falls somewhere between my boy (17) and yours (6?). Now, how cool is that? See you on June 15th (well, I'll be somewhere up in the air flying to Ottawa, hope to find a wireless air-port within the airport so I can sign up.)
merci pour tout ce que tu fais pour le scrapbooking en Saskatchewan, Leica.

Jennifer Fast

That is just so awesome! Can't wait!


WOW!!! AWSOME!!!! I am so there!!! I can't wait to sign up!!

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