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June 26, 2009



Move over Pioneer Woman...Saucy is my new hero! I am sooooo disappointed I missed the cupcake weekend. I hope Baby Girl is feeling better. It's SO heartbreaking to see her that way. None of her usual HUGE smiles!!! She'll be back at her antics in no time. Talk to you soon girl, take care!


Sorry to hear Ireland was so sick. Trust me I have been there and I feel for ya. When Kaylee was just over 2 she got sick like that too. Couldn't keep nothing down and it was gross..took her to the hospital and they put her on intervenous and then sent her home. I had a new baby at the time and it wasn't easy. But the next day it was I took her back again and insisted they keep her over night this time.. and said I didn't want them sending her home till I saw she was keeping down whatever they fed her. They ended up putting her in a crib with bars and she was in the infectios area as they didn't know either what it was...the wanted to release her after one day and I said no...keep her one more, as hard as it was with a new baby, I just couldn't keep up the trips and all of it at home...and you just hate seeing them like they kept her in and once she had been off the iv for so long and keeping down toast she came home and was great...but it was the hardest thing seeing her like that and having to leave her in a bed heart broke...ended up it was some flu that was going around then and sticking with some I hope she is on the mend now and your life can get back to normal... I too took the photos of that weird as it seemed at the time but us scrappers like to document everything..when I look back at that page, my heart still breaks to this day...but it is all a piece of the past now as this day will be for you too someday.


So relieved to know Ireland is on her way to full recovery. What a scare - for everyone! Relax a bit :) Love all the pics!

Isabel Wood

so glad to hear that Ireland is on the mend... now go get some rest!!

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