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September 29, 2008



Hi Girl,
Didn't get a chance to say "See Ya Later" at the end of the night. Soooo much fun to spend time with you again. I can hardly wait until Saskatoon. Thanks for coming to Manitoba, you are a fabulous instructor, loved your classes. Heather


just remembered that Wed night won't work for us, but go ahead if it works for the rest.

Allison Orthner

Kay... so should have flown out for this event!!! I miss you guys so much! Thank goodness we will get 9 days together enjoying the sites and sounds of the Caribbean in Feb!!! Woo hooo!!!


Either will work for us... what does he 'need'?!


We are gonna ROCK your Sail Away event as well.
Thanks for comin' out to MB and helping me out, Leica. All the girls out here loved you and think you are so down-to-earth and easy to talk to. Glad to hear that Ireland knows the right time to squeal in the airports.........Bronwen just has too great of sales. Now you know why I love Smalltown Scrappers so much!!


any day/night works for us!
happy bday little buddy

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