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September 25, 2008



She is so cute! Love your wheat field photo....I'm sure its nice and golden out in the SK. See you on Friday my dear!


Yes, thanks for the chat, Leica!

Good luck on finding a new laptop -- hopefully the contact I gave you helps!

And, for sure, next time we see Melissa for a digi session, I'll be sure to let you know.

I hope you are having a great trip!

April D

Great photos..the one of Ireland is adorable even if she is fact I think in that photo she looks ALOT like Jim! Lookin' forward to crop next month!


We have a Mac and my husband wants to buy a drobo to store all our photos. I didn't want to do it as it is expensive but we have the same problem with our computer. Our computer is currently full and slow :(


Tracey B

We have had Macs for over 10 years now and we love them. We have never needed a laptop, but you can't go wrong with a mac.

Have Fun this weekend. I'm counting down to the Saskatoon crop. I think that I am coming alone. I'm so excited.



I used On Call Computer Services.
The guys name is Dustin and he comes to your house and checks things out.
If need be he takes your hard drive for a day or 2 and then brings it back all nice and new.
He will back up any files that you want and create a program for you to organize all your photos.
I think it cost me $207.00 in total but well worth it not to lose all my pictures and files.
Let me know how things work out.
Love all the Fall photos!!!

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