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June 20, 2008


Tanya Wilson

HEy Leica! Awhile back I read the best way to photo copy a layout to bring...can you tell me the size they want?! I'm trying to get prepared!! SOO excited!!! Woo Hoo!!


Woo hoo, I am so happy to have registered for this event.

Sheryl in Weyburn, SK.


Okay, Tuesday and no post. There must be a baby.


Kelly Malacko

Are you MIA because you have a new bundle of joy? Can't wait for another update!

jessi lute

hi leica!!! sending you lots of baby wishes...i am still completely amazed at how much you are (or were!!) still doing right up until the end!!! wow!!!

lots of happiness with the end of your pregnancy and new babe!!!


April, the stuff for the goody bags won't be worried about till much closer to the event, as we prefer to give out newer stuff. The total we are taking right now is 176, with the possibility of maybe opening up more seats. The only way to register is online. It's totally chance too, so if you can register everyone, go ahead, but it's a new form everytime.


I am hoping that because you have not posted for a few days that means you are having or have had that precious baby of yours! I wish you and your family a tonne of happiness and that your little one is making its way into the world without causing too many delivery woes... remember... the Epidural ROCKS!!!!!!!


April Doherty

Hey Leica...getting so excited about the crop n cruise...just a couple things I wanted to said registration was at I think 7 am online...that is 7 am our time correct? Also, wanted to confirm that we need no credit card for online when we register as i believe you had said that we will have so long to mail in our payment...correct? Also, I had emailed you awhile back about putting something in each goody bag from Close to my heart and you had said that would be okay...I think I saw 176 as a final count for that correct and it is still okay for me to do that? And, when, how do I need to get you my items by? Also, online is the only way we can register, correct? If I have a few friends that want to come am I better off registering us all when I do mine or just mentioning that I want to sit with them is that good enough. I was thinking that if people are going to have troubles getting in due to high traffic, if we can enter more than one that is probably the best way to ensure we all get in...
That's all my questions for Good luck with baby and I know you want it now, but I am pulling for Sunday morn...(that is my


Hi Leica......I am getting excited about your event in Saskatoon. We have met before at a Regina crop that you taught at as well as Camp Cropping in Calgary. I really want to come and I will probably be staying at my daughter's. I too have no one coming with me and from what I hear at Scrapbooking Fanatics, it sounds like a lot of us would love to come.

Sheryl in Weyburn, SK.

Kelly Malacko

What fun! I say June 15th, pm, girl, if it's not all ready taken!

Jennifer Fast

Hey, I am going to guess June 16th, cause that's my birthday, and I am going to say a girl, cause I know you want a girl!
Jennifer Fast

sarah MacKenzie

Oh, I am so excited about this event!!! I am going to have to make the trip up from Regina for it. I am a bit worried about coming by myself though - will there be others there on their own too? I have only been to one other crop and was pretty much excluded from everything as everyone else knew one another...

Not sure if I should be emailing the crop n cruise email about this, or whether you can answer - am wondering how many spots there are for this crop and what time the registration will open up?

Closer to the time, I'll have to ask for "packing advice"! LOL


Jill - June 16th - pm - boy


ok jUNE 19TH AM boy...I love my 3 boys!!!


i'd love you to have a little girl but i dont know honestly i would have to say a boy... either way ti will be loved to squillens

Kelsy Propp

Can I guess June 11, in the PM, girl.

My boys were both early my first was 3 weeks early, second 1 week early...both super quick deliveries and then my daughter was also 3 weeks early but she was face up so she ended up being my longest delivery. All 3 totally different labours. good luck!!!

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