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April 21, 2008


Thanks so much for teaching the transperantly yours class! I really enjoyed it! I thought the black and white will mak it simple for just about any use! (though I haven't decided quite yet what to do with it!!)
You have a wonderful,fun presence about ya and you did a great job teaching the class!
So glad to have met you!!!

Lisa O'Brien
ps looked through your blog!! Your little boys are darling!!

Dawn G

It was so much fun to be in both of your classes at Camp Croppin in Calgary, even with the snow! Had you not told us that you were the last minute fill-in we really would not have known! You pulled it off slick-as-can-be. I loved playing with the transparency, using it in new and creative ways. I also loved learning to make the accordion album. Who knew that a couple of pieces of paper, some CB and gorgeous ribbon could turn out so cute? A quick, easy, and great gift idea too.

Thank you so much for a wonderful time!

Dawn G.

Lee-Anne Thornton

Hi Leica, I hope you are feeling okay. In response to your email, I took the Transparently Yours class at Camp Croppin and made a very cool little book with a transparent cover and transparent pockets inside. What I liked about the class is it was fun to learn something new.

Take care,
Lee-Anne Thornton

lisa slocombe

Hi Leica!
I took the Right Of Way class at Camp Croppin'! Thanks for the email. What I liked about the class were the COOL Luxe products - I hadn't ever seen them IRL before!!! You were great too, and were fun to chat with. Thanks!


Thanks for coming up to Calgary for Camp Croppin'! Didn't know you were a Saskatchewan girl, too. Cool. I took your Transparently yours class and loved it. You were great to listen to and so easy to follow. Loved the black and white designs - can really add anything to it later. Thanks again!


**hugs** rest and rest girlie.

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