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April 09, 2008



You guys look great!!!


You are ridiculously GORGEOUS girlfriend!!! Can you do my hair next time I have something fancy??? I swear you wave a magic wand when it comes to your hair. LOVE IT!!! I'll have to check Gina out...she did a great job. Can't wait to hear all about your Calgary adventures! Keep safe!
On my own baby situation, I am ready to explode! We leave for S'toon on April 20th. Maybe lunch on the 21st? Are you in town? Maybe my water will break at the Ivy!

Janine Wahl

those are wonderful picture Leica!
What are you talking about? You look great!

And have a great time teaching the Luxe classes chickie! Sorry we can't meet up, I am in stettler teaching too. Wrong direction, LOL!


WOW! You and your family look fabulous! Such beautiful portraits:)

As for LUXE... totally cool! Emily and Jenn are so amazing to work with (as you know already. I know you will blow people out of the water with your classes. Good luck and have a tonne of fun!

Kisa Peters

Congrats! Have fun! And GREAT pics!

Cari Locken

YOu look gorgeous girl!!
Love those pictures!
Have a ton of fun in Calgary. Wish I was going too! ;)


Lecia! You are glowing you look absolutly stunning!!!! I'm so jealous of your beautiful hair and skin!


GORGEOUS pics!!!
LOVE your hair!


Leica, you have a beautiful family! You look wonderful in your picture...and definitely have the pregnant glow too!! Your boys are so their faces in the pic!!


Lecia, you are absolutely glowing and easily the most beautiful gal with a baby bump... you've got JLo and Angelina beat by a mile! I love Love LOVE your photo; seriously when have you ever known me to GUSH???? Just loverly.

Kelly Klassen

HOLY CRAP LECIA!!! You look so freakin' HOT!!! I love your baby bump - seriously, you are glowing!!

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