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April 22, 2008


The Pike Family

I loved taking the right of way class from you. I just love your easy going nature. And of course I love the versitility of the product and that it can be combined with other companies products.

Thanks and you did an awesome job

Allison Pike


I took the Transparently Yours class with you at Camp Cropin! The product was wonderful. You guys were so generous with all that you gave us. The project was really cute and I thought the class went very had great ideas and suggestions and the class ran at exactly the right pace!

Terrie Faber


I really enjoyed the Right of Way class you taught in Calgary. Anyone that knows me will appreciate that it must have been a great class because I DIDN'T modify the project, but just went ahead and did it the way you taught it. Some classes just don't have universal appeal, but this one certainly did. I've already got a plan for my mini album - an ongoing log of the transformation of my new scraproom/office from chaotic mess to neatly organized workspace. Wish me luck!

Tracey B


I loved taking classes from you in Calgary. I loved the project and the product. You did an amazing job. I am so excited that you had the opportunity to teach it.

Jeanette Y.

Hi Leica,
I did both classes with you at Camp Croppin' (I was your demo girl in the Fri. class) and I thought you did a fantastic job walking in with little prep time and then having to change on the go when we realized some of the materials had been substituted.

Learning how to use the transparencies in different ways was very helpful since I've never used them before.

You were a great inspiration and your enthusiasm was contagious. Thank you Leica!


Hi Leica,
I took the Transparency Class at 8:30 am, I am not a morning person so it was a tad early!!!
You seemed to handle it much better, pregnant or not!
I liked the products the best, beautiful paper, transparencies and embellishments.
Thanks for teaching.

Gabrielle Pollacco

Hi Leica! I just love checking out your's always fun and informative!!...I'm adding you to my fav blogs! Hope you're having a great week!

Gloria Huska

I had an awesome time in the Transparently Yours class. You are so down to earth and truly love what you do, making you a great presenter and Teacher.

Thanks for the great ideas for using transparencies!

Lynda Sturney

Hi Leica -
You are amazing to have stepped in - in the last minute - staying up all night to study the mini-book and pulling off a fun, fast and cool class. I love the product, love the final project and will be using more transparencies from now on!
Take care!

Joanne Rochow

I took your Right of Way class. I have been a traditional 12 x 12 album layout person with little interest in specialty albums. Your class was so much fun, the little album was sooooo.....neat and learning new ways to use the products has opened me up to trying new stuff! I am totally filled with a new to scrapping enthusiasm for all types of albums now! Thank you so much for opening my horizons! P.S. am going on crop and cruise and will be taking your classes for sure!


Hi Leica,

I took the "Transparently Yours" class 8:30 Sat morning. I liked the quality of the LUXE product and never would of thought to actually "fold" transparencies to make something like the cover or the accordian pull out. I would of been scared to fold before, but now will use that trick next time I am faced with a transparency.
Now I would like to comment on YOU!! I couldn't believe how energetic and lively you were so early in the morning especially being pregnant! Wow! I was wiped from the night before and banking on coffee to get me thru the day, and I just couldn't believe how happy and full of smiles you were. I enjoyed hearing bits and pieces of you talking about how you scrapbook, it was really entertaining. I was also loving your hair! its so gorgeous! thanks for teaching the class it was a great experience!


Hi Leica,
You did an amazing job! If you wouldn't have said anything I would have never known that you weren't supposed to teach the class (Transparently Yours). You are down to earth and know how to make everyone feel like they are your friend.


It was a great weekend. I took your Right of Way class with A. Tymburski. We had a blast and am looking forward to next year's weekend. Thanks again Leica.


I took the Right of Way class (and even won a free kit), and I was a tent mom for the Transparently Yours class (which I lost the e-mail address for the other tent mom and was supposed to send her a copy, and Scrapbookers hasn't responded to my request to pass my e-mail on to her), so if you sign on Tara, my e-mail address is

Okay, that being taken care of... :o)
What I liked about the class was your easygoing manner despite the fact that it was all rather last minute for you. The stuff was neat too. But the absolute best part for me, was when I came home and my 16 year old (who normally doesn't pay much attention to my scrapbook stuff), said "I LOVE IT, can I have it?" I was so happy that she finally showed an interest that I gave it to her right away.

And now I'm hooked on arrows.


Dara Waterstreet

Hi, I just want to let you know how much I loved your class in Calgary "Right of Way". I have to admit that I bought a friend's ticket because her grandma was sick and I am so glad that I did. I don't always get a ton of time to scrapbook but since have done more than I have had in the past six months.

The energy and techniques that I learned from all of the classes was phenomenal. Everyone was so energized and I am passionate again. I have to admit that until your class I had never completed a mini album and now I am hooked. I have started a similar album to the one we created in your class for my mom for Mother's Day.

I just want to say thank you for reminding me what fun scrapbooking can really be. As stated before, I am once again hooked and getting pages/projects done.

Yet, while I say thanks, my husband probably would slap you!!!! Just kidding, he loves the finished product but is feeling a bit left out lately. Poor guy!

Thanks again,
Dara Waterstreet (at the class for Christine Bartsoff)

PS - you have the best smile!


I took the Friday night Right of Way by Luxe Designs. I loved the arrow rub-ons. It's a trend I've wanted to use in my scrapbooking and there it was. Thanks for stepping in for Emily on short notice and I sure hope all goes well with the baby. I'm a mom of 3 boys and it's heaven...when they're all in bed *smiles*. Seriously though I'm glad to be a mom of boys. It's a real blessing.

Dawn Hueser


You did a truly wonderful job of the Luxe Design classes in Calgary. I was really really proud of you and the way you stepped up to the plate at the last minute to save the classes. I know that Emily would have been proud and excited about your presentation.

It was a lot of fun doing your classes and listening to you. I even played nice and did almost all the books as you designed them - thanks again for being an amazing instructor, scrapper and friend.

Rhonda Giles

Hi there Leica, I did take the Transparently Yours and the Right of way. Both of them were awsome and you did a fabulous job at each one. You inspired me with black and white. I loved black and white before but now with the paper that you can color.....I LOVE IT I loved the atmoshere with the classes, the wonderful laughter and fun we all had as a huge class. I learned alot with the transparenties and how to use them and what you can do with them like fold them up into a small book in the mini book. I had so much fun and those were the classes that I was looking so forward to and you taught well and were so nice to follow, you are a great teacher. It was more than I even expected. I love the Luxe girls and you are a great, wonderful,addition to the LUXE DESIGN..........HORRAY FOR LEICA

Sarah Zottl


I have to tell you how impressed I was with your class, your energy and your spunk. To get it together on such short notice and be such a trooper was awesome. I took as many classes as I could over the Camp Croppin weekend...and low and behold yours is the only name I can pull from the top of my head when someone asks. The products you demo'd were interesting and fun, but your presentation 'spoke' to me the most. It helped me to learn to let go and that scrappin can be about going with the flow and making it work even when you don't have the 'right' stuff. I truly appreciated the enthusiam you generated and the miles you walked around the room even though you had to be capital T tired. Thank you for sharing your energy, creativity and time during the weekend. Luxe is lucky to have you...I am off to invest in every transparency I can get my hands own!

Inspired by a smile...


Cathy Driedger

I took both classes by Luxe that you taught at Camp Croppin' - Transparently Yours and Right of Way. I LOVED the products that we used and how the Jotters worked to pull the whole mini album(s) together. I also really liked the ideas for using the transparencies; I'm not sure I would have thought to fold them but it works so well.

Thanks so much - you did a great job stepping in at the last minute and we wouldn't have known if you hadn't told us!!

You can come teach at Camp Croppin' again anytime!!!


Transparency Class: it was good. I liked the making of the transparency pocket the best, and just using the transparences overall was good because that's something I don't usually use. Thanks!

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