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April 02, 2008



ok... another one that is VERY special to me!


here is another link, this one is a digital scrapbook layout (an older one, sorry) that is VERY special to me!!!!


here is another link :)


Here is one link!


Here are my contest entries:

I am sorry to hear about your Grandma. I too was very close to my Grandmother and your post brought back lovely memories of her.


Cindy Vernon

I just uploaded some new scrapbook pages to my site today. You can find them here :

Cheryl Kelly-Van Domelen

Have you tried prenatal yoga? Most libraries carry the videos that you can try to make sure you like it and that it works for you. I loved my prenatal yoga video.

Here's some of my favorite layouts:

Usually my most recent ones are the ones I like the best!!

kelly Malacko

how fun! I'll send you some right away!


You are pretty sneaky in getting some of us to 'fess up' some of our work! But it's worth it to join your contest - will submit some soon! Take care - hope you're feeling better, I don't have any advice, except maybe a really good massage (My MT has a pregnancy table if you want her name, and she's good)

Deb Neerman

Congrats on your milestone!!

My fav's change frequently, lol, but this is my 'current' favorite:

Love your blog!!

~Hugs, Deb

Juli Cragg

ooooh fun! I'll send you some real soon!

Sarah MacKenzie

I had terrible hip pain at the end of my pregnancy. Two bouts of it. The first one, I had accupucture done and it helped immensely. I think I had two sessions but even just one helped soooo much. The second time around was really close to my due date and nothing helped at that point! So, if you aren't afraid of needles and can handle the fees (since it isn't covered by medical) it is worth a try.

I will have to email you a couple of layouts. I have done a few recently that I love.

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