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April 14, 2008



That is soooo funny. It WAS you!!! I was running with my trainer and you were right about part of it.......SHE is the fit one, not me!!!! This blows my mind that I have been reading your blog and you actually live right across the street from me!!!!
I am a fan of your work and I love the scrapbooking world. I do a lot of reading blogs and a little scrapping!!!!!
Next time I see you outside I am going to say Hi!!! Don't be to scared that you have a blog stalker that lives across the street fom you! LOL!!!!!
Take care of yourself and that little one in your tummy!


Hi Janna, that is my area! well I did go outside around supper time to see my parents off. I would be the girl who was super preggo, and didn't bother to do hair or makeup today and in a black shirt! oh and telling my kids to back up because they couldn't leave with gramma & grampa for the farm today! we had our garage open all day as my husband was building projects in it. so I only think I saw 2 girls run by, actually super fit girls! was that you? if so, wow, you guys are in great shape!!!


This may seem like a strange question, I tried to email and ask but my email is down. Do you live in Arbor Creek? I just stared reading your blog and then today I was outside going for a run and I am fairly certain you were outside in the front yard of the house right across from me.

Kelly Malacko

I bet you are exhausted, you poor thing. When are you going to go on maternity leave?? :)

How did the rest of the classes/weekend go?

Wendy Tuchscherer

Hi Leica...I sent some layouts to you for the contest..I sent them to your scrap-mommy email address. Hope that was right?!



Glad to see you survied!

Laura Nicholas

It was so great to meet you in Calgary this past weekend. Along with Jill and Allison, you made the event just tons of fun. I look forward to keeping this friendship growing...


Kisa Peters

Glad to hear you made it home safely. I'm exited to hear what you did! I got a new printer and I can't wait to start printing pictures and getting into some scrapbooking!

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