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March 20, 2008



Kids are sooooo cute! Glad to hear everything is going good with the baby - can't wait to see what your contest is :)


Love the layout! It's great - inspires me to do one with my Grandma...
Can't wait to see your new stuff - 4 boxes must have been SO much fun to open and go through!!

Corinne Braun

love the layout! and what a cute photo...
4 boxes? that must be like Christmas - enjoy!

Kelly Klassen

I tried to find out at 18 weeks with this one but the little stinker wouldn't let me. I was so disappointed but at my last one we were lucky enough to get some full on nudity and found out it's a girl. I was so happy to know what she was - I would have DIED without knowing!!


The face Jager is making is so cute. The girls use that face on each other to help stop the other one from crying. Its quite funny.
Happy Easter!!


Is Jager saying "born on a pirate ship"?

Cari Locken

I think surprises are great!!! (even though they can be utterly painful at times too! ;))

Oh, yes! That cardstock is amazing!! I can't wait to play with all those goodies either. I'm hoping this weekend as well.
Have a great Easter!


I just left you a comment on the other post and poof! There is this new post from you, LOL!

I couldn't keep the baby sex a surprise, I HAD to know. Just had to. I don't know how people do it!

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