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March 17, 2008



Awesome info, I wanted to try sewing on paper but didn't know where to start. Thanks.

Kelly Malacko

I love the sunflower quilt. My mom's an exceptional quilter (remember her from CSC4K?) so I have quite a few in my house at the moment. I love how homey they make the place feel.


Anam, I actually do sew lot's already but I'm going to try more "patterns and do more technique stuff with my sewing. I'm so glad you gave more tips, I'm going to post them in the actual post! Thanks!


THANK-YOU FOR THIS!!! I sew on my layouts quite a bit and my Hubs is always shaking his head at me and reminding me that I am "wrecking" my machine. I used to make baby quilts before I not so much. But the machine is a good one and he bought it for me as a gift so was disappointed when I stopped sewing conventionally. Now I can let him read it in's simply not true! Also, for those with a bit fancier machines, don't forget about all those cool stitches you can do!


Hmmnnn...good tips! This girl cannot sew to save her life...but I've been thinking about getting a scrapping sewing machine...I may just do it! :)


hehehehe i sew on every page - it is awesome!!

glad you are going to try it - it is addictive.

heres my tips
1 - use gutterman thread. it slides through the paper easier
2 - vaccuum your sewing machine every so often to get rid of the paper dust - epseiclaly in the bobbin holder part
3 - user gutterman invisable thread in your bobbin - then you only have to change the top thread for each layout :)
4 - i use size 14 or 16 needles
5 - drop the feed feet on your machine to help with corners and swirls.
6 - experiment on scrap and basically just play.


Thanks for posting about the sewing. I've been wanting to try this for awhile..just didn't know where to get started...thanks for all the tips!!

Kelly Malacko

Thanks for helping promote my retreat! What a great spokesperson!

I'll try and send you some sewing layouts. I'm working on one for a challenge at Just Cre8, a Canadian kit club I like to visit, too, so my sewing machine will be busy!


It's so funny that your post is about sewing on paper. I have always wanted to sew on a page, but have never been able to, thanks to my, (pretty much), complete lack of sewing knowledge. My Step Mom gave me a mini sewing machine 3 Christmases ago & I have NEVER used it - because I don't know how to thread it - lol! This weekend I sat down & spent about 1/2 hour trying to thread this cheap & very small sewing machine. I eventually gave up b/c I had other things to do. I am going to figure it out & get this done. Thanks for the motivation!


I haven't been around visiting blogs for awhile, so I have some reading to do! Glad you had a good time at the show in Edmonton. I'm jealous.

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