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October 19, 2007



Thanks for the instructions. I can't wait to make the mini album!!

Theresa Schmidt

Thanks for sharing your projects. They look great! (I really like the calendar.)


Glad to see that your website is copyrighted, so that other people can't run with your ideas and pretend that they designed classes and layouts.
I enjoy seeing what you can do, and you inspire me to spice up my own LO. DebZ


Hope you enjoy your day outside!! We just spent the morning doing a community cleanup...its a beautiful day, I hope it doesn't rain or snow quite yet.

Kelly Malacko

Hi Leica,
I mentioned you and your classes in Edmonton and your wonderful blog on my blog today, along with some pictures, thought you might like to see it.
Check out

Wanda Arno

I was thrilled to take your canvas calender class at in the morning. it was a huge honor to meet and be taught by you. You are simply amazing, and the bowling was the highlight of my weekend. As i continue on my battle of bad health i will remember your happy smile always.If you get a spare moment, i am have a very hard time getting some 4 x 12 canvas, if you could stear me in the right direction I would really appreciate it.

Thanks again for the wonderful class.


I have enjoyed seeing all your photos, and reading the stories from Edmonton. Sounds like it was a blast, and hopefully they will have raised lots of money for the hospital. We had one child who was born early, and spent 5 weeks a RUH - scary, scary!
I also have had trouble posting on your site, but usually I can, as long as someone has posted before, then it works for some reason.

Tracey B

Speaking of transpanencies, I'm working on Sam's birth announcements and I'm using transparencies. I'm lucky enough to have great pics from Melina to use. Have fun at spurge tomorrow night.

Peggy Steffen

Have a nice quiet supper with your DH.. And we had really nice weather here in northern Alberta today also.

Tracy Christman

Hey Leica!

Wow, I am glad I am not the only one having trouble posting on here! I was going to go crazy if I couldn't leave you a comment! I thought maybe it was because of my dial up connection! Well, I am so glad that you found your wedding ring! I was so scared for you! I know how much a ring really means! I am also glad that you and your family are feeling better!
I can't wait for your instructions for your canvas album instructions tomorrow. I bought your canvas album kit, but not sure what to do! You are so awesome! I hope you have a great weekend!
Luv always,
Tracy Christman

Kellie Dignean

Hope you had a really nice supper with your hubby! And yes, it really was a decent day - glad to hear you got to enjoy it!

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