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October 20, 2007



wow, that is a excellent work, a good arrangement of photos.
these photos look blah! when u print it on a glossy photo paper


I love your album!

Kelly Malacko

Hi Leica,
Just wanted to say thanks for the instructions! I want to give them to my aunt who has started a scrapbook 4-H club for girls 11-16. Thought it might be something they could do.
Also, I didn't get to take the canvas album class, so it's nice to be able to get a closer look at it.

The Shy One

I hope you have your voice back by now.

Question on the canvas album. If your canvas's are 6x6, side by side they would be 12 across, do you need a "little" extra for turning room of the pages, or does the 12 do it? KWIM?


Hey Leica,
Is that actually me who won the pp? Or a different "Jill"? Of all the people to get pp from you -- nutz,eh??!? Love it!!
Love the canvas book -- gonna start one today with my Tilano Fresco Canvas Transfer Kit. So cool!! Need to work on my Marble Coaster Kits as well.
Talk soon.
Love your calendar & the canvas album. You Rock!!

Angel W.

WOW... these are great!!! WOW!


I love the calendar. I'm totally in if you teach a class for it!

Cari Locken

Awesome awesome projects girl!!! And man! Look at those instructions! Phew! WTG!

Glad your kiddos are feeling better & you too!

BTW, just wanted to that you've been tagged! Yes, I know you probably "love" them about as much as I do! ;)
Check my blog for details.

Kellie Dignean

Thanks for the directions Leica! I picked up the canvas album in Edmonton, so hopefully I'll get at it later this week. Still have odds & ends to finish up on other projects from the Crop for Kids first. Have a great week!

Pat S.

I really like your October those colors!


Oh I SO plan on giving canvas concepts a call! LOVE that stuff!!! Warn me ahead of time if you teach either of these in S'toon. How about around December 10th? LOL :0) I'll be in town for the Bon Jovi concert.

Cheryl Leuschen

Another question for you, Leica. How did you keep your pages together in the mini album? did you use the little accordian book spine or did you have another method?

Cheryl Leuschen

I just love your 2 projects and agree with the others that you should teach them here in
Saskatoon. Not that I couldn't figure them out by myself but I tend to get things done if I am doing them in a class. Otherwise I get sidetracked too easily and they only get 2/3 or 3/4 done!!!!!

Tracy Christman

Hey Leica,
Thanks for the instructions, they are great! I love how you doodle on your pages, it looks so good. Have a great weekend!
Luv Tracy

Tracey B

Those projects are great. will have to try them soon.

These projects are really unique Leica. Hint, I love the Calendar - would make a great Christmas gift. (the idea of the envelope on the back is so smart) Can't wait until your voice is back, so we can catch up on all the good times in Edmonton. I like how you have laid everything out step by step, even I can follow it. All the pictures are a nice touch - I've heard you talk about all these people before, but now its nice to put a face to the name. mom

any chance of seeing these projects on the 27th? I'm glad you copyright your ideas and designs, you should get credit where credit is due - so others don't try to profit from your creativity. KC

Dawn C

Love your calendar! Fantastic album! Thanks so much for posting instructions! Have a great weekend.

Peggy Steffen

Wow, can't wait to get my canvas.. (think that is what I won) Those are wonderful... And everyone has to spend time with Daddy once in awhile...


The calender looks great, thanks for step-by-step instruction.


Your calendar and canvas album is AWESOME. You should have a lot of stamper signing up for your classes. If I was close enough I would be rushing my money over to save a seat for ME ME ME! Can't wait to see the other ones.


I love that calendar!

Congrats on a successful Scrap for Kids in Edmonton. When can we look forward to you teaching these amazing creations you designed to us in Saskatoon?

Wow, Wow, wow! these original creations you designed are terrific. No wonder everyone is raving on your blog about your classes in Edmonton. Wish I could have been there. You rock girl! I am looking forward to taking these classes when you teach them at Scraptology.

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