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September 25, 2007


Dawn Hueser

I can hardly wait to see all your new designs! Your amazing my girl!!!!!!!!!


Love the new look! Much easier to read. Looking forward to seeing your new projects for your design teams. Lisa

Cheryl Leuschen

Saturday at the crop will be just fine. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Dawn Hueser

Congratulations on the New blog! I am dying to see all your new creations and remember if you need a helping hand for anything all you have to do is ask and I am there for you.

Leica Forrest

Cheryl, I have officially lost my head! I am running out of time to drop off your winnings so I will take it Saturday to the crop! Is that okay?


Like it - LOVE it! Looks amazing. I changed your link address on my blogroll so my readers (if there are any) can find you! Hah!

Cheryl Leuschen

Hi Leica, thought you could hide but I found you!lol I only know alittle about computers so I haven't even tried to blog but i sure enjoy reading everybody else's. Your new one looks great. I am sure that I will enjoy browsing it just as much as your old one. you go girl!


Hey Leica,
The new blog looks amazing - very fresh, bright & easy to read. Good luck with it! I was wondering what a tentative schedule of events was for Saturday, (especially in the evening), as I was offered work & don't want to miss too much. if it's possible to let me know I would totally appreciate the info. Thanks!

Dawn Carpenter

Hi from BC! Love the new blog look! Cannot wait to see all your new layouts! Congrats on the design teams & have fun at the Crop.

Congrats Leica. The new Blog looks FANTASTIC!!! I love your new banner. Everything is so easy to look at and so pleasing to the eye. Great work....must have taken you forever! Maybe I'll hire you someday to start mine up (wink wink). Countin' down the days 'til the cruise. Happy packing, girl!!


Hey...I am glad to see that you found something that will work for you, and I hope it ends up working well for you too. I couldn't imagine you not having a love your work, its very inspiring for me. I look forward to seeing your newest layouts.


LOVE the new blog! Great colors.


LOVE the new blog! Great colors.


Leica, The new new blog looks great! Congrats on all your new design teams, you will be fantastic! Looking forward to your new stuff.


Wow - that was quick. I'm still trying to figure out my other blog, let alone learn a new one. And where do you find the time to concentrate ... with so much adrenalin rolling along for the crops coming up and, hey, the cruise de la cruise! Wish I was in Saskatoon, cause I'd be at the cruisin crops. But, I'll wait till LA to set sail and share some quality time with quality folks! Congrats on the new site. .. Thelma

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