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September 26, 2013


TracyM #6773

FUN and very THOUGHTFUL cookie bag - sorry to hear your son is struggling with the change but know that this will bring a smile to his face and the faces of his soon-to-be new friends!!!
Thank you for the inspiration - this is a great design that I could use for a card :)


Ze xantza material eder horrekin lan egitea!


great shape and background.
nice work

Cécile M

Beautiful !!


très joli !


The bag is amazing. What a great idea!


It's cute and bold at the same time)

Denise Luscan

That is so cute! Great idea.

Natalie Elphinstone

Love the way you've mixed colours of mist in the background to contrast against the stickers. I hope your son settles in to his new school soon.

Alina Bartan

Gorgeous bag!


Such a wodnerful card! I love it!

Allie Stewart

I love the misting!

Lea Lawson

Cute bag!!


Beautiful project! Love this collection!

Amante del Papel

But what beautiful colors you used for your project, it's really beautiful!


What a fun idea!! Love the bag!!


Love the dream catcher and paint splatters!!

Lisa's creative niche

This is so fun and colorful!

Amy Coose

Gorgeous card, I love the mist!


Such a great idea. Love the saying, too


I love the bag--and what a sweet idea for your son!


I agree with you - it's very important to remember who we are and how great and special we are! I believe he will have many friends soon!

Kelly Malacko

Beautiful! Lovely as usual, Leica!

Lynn CreaScrap

So beautiful!!

Fiona Kwan

So cute!

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