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November 23, 2012


Joy Hager

Can't find your link tool and my post I posted yesterday isn't showing up is mine: Thanks for the fun challenge!

TracyM #6773

Thank you for this fun challenge Leica :)
Here is the little gift bag I have made


Your bags and are so great, I love this idea. I couldn't find a linky and then I thought I posted mine as a comment but it's not here, so I'm trying again. Here's mine:


I couldn't find the linking tool so here is mine:
My husband is a scuba diver so I thought fish would be a better choice for his gift bag.


Lovely giftbags!
Here's my post about mine...

Joy Hager

Both your bags are so cute! I enjoyed doing your challenge but can't find the inlinkz so hope this will do:


Love the bags!!!! They are both darling.

Here is mine that I did with my son today :)


Very fun challenge. Mine aren't nearly as intricate as I use lunch sacks since I know the receivers of these particular gifts will just toss them. However, I will be using some embossing folders to create based on your steps - thanks so much for sharing!

ava g

I could not find the linky tool, so enclosing my link here in the comments. Leica i really like your gift bags, truly inspirational.

ava g

TracyM #6773

Both gift bags look fabulous Leica - love your pretty colour combos and layers!!!
Thank you for this fun challenge :)

Kate Nolan-Denham

Awesome bags!

TracyM #6773

Pretty pair of bags and fun challenge!!!
I look forward to having a punchy weekend with my Core :)


Thanks so much for the challenge. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.


Awesome bags, love those!


Great gift bags and both so beautiful :)

Andrea Amu

What beautifully decorated bags!
The gingerbread is so stinkin' cute!

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