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August 07, 2008


Jackie P.

Beautiful layouts!

April D

Love the pages...of course. What about "big to small" or "this little piggy..." for that footprint page if you havent' found a title yet, as I am behind after my trip and just catching up on

Allison Orthner

How about "Footprints of my heart" with "Footprints" in big and "of my heart" in script?

BTW... when do you have time to do so many layouts???? Do you ever sleep :)

How about .."leaving footprints on my heart everyday"! Such a cute photo!!!



love them all!!!!!!!!1
it was great visiting last night!
see you when we get back.

sarah MacKenzie

Beautiful lo's! For words my thoughts are perfect(ion), love(ly), complete, family. That's all I can think of for now. I love the bw photo of their feet. We have one of our hands from when Wyatt was 6 months old and it is one of my favorite photos. Thinking of that, have you ever ordered photos from If not, you should check them out sometime. They are fantastic. $2 shipping and every size of print you could ask for. I love that I can get black border instead of just white. And most of all, I love their metallic finish (instead of matte or glossy). I know you can get it at some places in Canada, but it is way cheaper through them. It looks absolutely stunning on bw photos. I had the picture of our hands printed with it and it just pops. Will post that layout to my blog so you can see it if you want.

btw, nice to talk to you yesterday - look forward to meeting you in person in October. Sarah

Tanya Wilson

Love the little toes! How about titleing it something like 30 little piggies...or taking a quote out of the nursery rhyme?! So cute!

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